Month: November 2017

What If You Can’t Get Over It: The First Step To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

Moving on is fine, but what if you can’t?

Breaking up is difficult and we don’t need to tell you that. And once this happens, the most frequent advice you will receive from family, friends, and well-win-back-your-ex-wifewishers is that you must find a way to get over him. That sounds all too nice, but what if you can’t? You may also visit this website to receive some valuable relationship tips.

This is what we want to discuss in this article. Yes, moving on is a nice thing. But sometimes, it is just NOT POSSIBLE. And that is a harrowing experience to pass through, to say the least. However, if you can’t help it—then you can’t help it!

It is not that you haven’t tried. Possibly, you have already dated other guys. You’ve tried to forget. Maybe one or two of these guys were alright, too. And yet it appears to you that they just don’t compare to him, irrespective of their respective qualities.

Yes, we do fall into such binds at certain junctures of our life. You feel there is little to live without that person on your side. You find it not only difficult but impossible to concentrate on the most basic and regular day to day tasks. You start to neglect your responsibilities, duties, your appearance.

Now, if this happens to be the case, then there is nothing for you to try win him back. There is no guarantee you will succeed, but you will have to try your absolute best. But more than anything, you will have to tell yourself—THAT YOU WILL SUCCEED.
The Way to Go

However, even if you are this desperate, you still have to maintain your calm and composure and will need to observe the necessary amount of tact if you really want to succeed in getting him back.

Phone or text?
If you are not in touch at all and if the breakup was not entirely amicable, we would suggest that you don’t call him right away. Send an email, or a text message and the like and BE DISCREET. The message should convey that you are interested to resume the relationship, but make sure you don’t sound too desperate. That will only put him off. Again, be careful about what you say in this first message. Check your words as many times as is necessary.

Keep yourself in shape

You may not get an answer immediately, but don’t despair. If he is still interested, he would reply sooner or later. In the meantime, do your best to keep up satisfactorily with your daily work. Neglecting your day-to-day works will only pave way for stress and anxiety—just the things you want to avoid during this crucial time. Stress will also have a negative effect on your appearance and of course, you don’t want to look all disheveled and pitiful the first time you meet him in person after that painful episode.

Go slow

The first time you meet each other in person is going to be the most pivotal. As already mentioned, try to look good and feel good. Give him to understand that you still want him, but keep the conversations on the light side. Do not in any manner weigh on him and BY NO MEANS, BRING UP ANY PAST EVENT during the conversation. That will put both of you in a negative mood and things may end up badly.

No matter what you had between yourselves, you will still have to make yourself believe that both of you need to begin from the scratch. Tell yourself this instead—that if you did share a meaningful relationship in the past, it only means that there was a connection between you, that he did love you and appreciated your qualities. And if all of that is true, he is bound to have a soft spot for you still.

If you can bring yourself to this state of mind, you have taken the first step right. There will be a lot of work to be done yet, but you have taken the first step right and that is no small achievement.

Finally, no friendzone!

And just another thing and one which is of vital importance, too. And that is although you should act casual and cheerful during at least your first few meetings, you must also be cautious enough that you are not giving an impression that you want your relationship to stay on a friendly basis. That will be simply catastrophic, to say the least. Act light, but also make him understand for certain that if you are seeing him again, it is because you want him as your life partner and not just as another good friend!