Left in SF is a website by several members of the economic left in San Francisco. We focus on San Francisco and California politics and issues, but take on national and international issues at times.

This website and the opinions expressed herein in no way represent the positions of any organization that any of the contributors might be involved in, except as explicitly stated.


Robert Haaland [robert_haaland AT hotmail DOT com] is a political organizer for SEIU Local 790, a member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, and a former candidate for District 5 Supervisor.

Saskia Traill [saskia_traill AT yahoo DOT com] works on child care policy and has served as treasurer for several political campaigns.

Larry Roberts [larrybob AT io DOT com] is a queer cultural activist and event producer.

Sasha Magee [sashax AT igc DOT org] is an activist and media agitator.

Kim Knox [kimberlyknox AT hotmail DOT com] is an education activist and the author/editor of several science books for elementary and middle school students and teachers.  Kim is the VP for Fundraising at John Muir Elementary School, State Legislation Advocate for 2nd District PTA (San Francisco), and the treasurer of the Richmond Democratic Club.

Advertising Policy:

We only accept ads from local small businesses, with philosophies with which we agree. Because we do not wish to devote a huge amount of space to ads on our blog, we reserve the right to refuse any ad, at our discretion. We do not accept ads from candidates. We may, at our discretion, solicit or accept ads from proposition or organizing campaigns. We will review our ad policy in approximately 6 months, at which time any or all of our policies may change.