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So this week, I wrote a letter to the editor expressing my support for Supervisor Dufty. Some have already yelled at me for supporting him. That’s fine. It’s a democracy. We get to yell at each occasionally. But I wanted to share the letter with you. Feel free to criticize, but it is what I truly believe. Here it is:
To the editor,

I read with some amusement your article on Supervisor Dufty’s record which characterized him as only concerned with potholes. Nonetheless, I am concerned that readers might not see the breadth of work by Supervisor Bevan Dufty over the last four years.
Supervisor Dufty has been a consistent and strong supporter of issues important to the labor community. When Gays and Lesbians Against Defamation (GLAAD) planned on having an event at a boycotted hotel, Supervisor Dufty worked with Local 2 to move the event. When GLAAD found another venue, he helped to raise money for them to offset the costs of the move. When SEIU members were on strike against CPMC, Supervisor Dufty walked the picket lines. That’s why UNITE HERE Local 2 and SEIU have endorsed Supervisor Dufty.
Supervisor Dufty had been a consistent supporter of transgender rights. He marched and spoke at the Trans March for the last two years. He is one of two Supervisors that has done so, the other being Supervisor Daly. He attended the recent Compton Cafeteria Riot Memorial and helped raise money for the memorial. Finally, he co-sponsored with Supervisor Daly the groundbreaking Transgender Economic Development Initiative that will help transgender folks find jobs. Given the incredibly high unemployment rate in the transgender community, this legislation is much-needed and historic. That’s why transgender leader Cecilia Chung has endorsed Supervisor Dufty.
Supervisor Dufty is a strong supporter of good government initiatives like Instant Run-Off Voting, Public Financing, and more recently in the effort to create Public Financing in the Mayor’s Race.
Supervisor Dufty strongly supported Supervisor Ammiano’s groundbreaking legislation that provides universal healthcare for San Francisco residents and has consistently supported healthcare for low-income residents.
More recently Supervisor Dufty voted to support tenants by supporting Supervisor Peskin’s Ellis Act legislation and is supporting the tenant initiative on this November’s ballot that will raise the amount that tenants receive when they are evicted. Supervisor Dufty has earned the support of numerous progressive leaders like Supervisor Ammiano and Public Defender Jeff Adachi. He has also earned my support.
Robert Haaland
Democratic County Central Committee

You are thinking probably that the picture of the burning man is me since I am supporting Bevan. Nope. But I do love Burning Man. I have gone several times and I wish I could go this year. There is a queer camp that I have been invited to and I’m still thinking I might cut out to go there for a few days. As a candidate for Supervisor recently noted, the art is truly amazing. And well, I do love the freaks.

Photo by Chris Stewart

If you go, you’ll probably be stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere. It’s bizare to be in the middle of a desert and in a traffic jam.

I have to say, I hope that Alix Rosenthal goes again this year. I have found it distasteful to hear politicos make snide remarks about her, about her attendance at Burning Man, and about her fondness for freaks. Politics sometimes really sucks. People can be amazingly mean-spirited. I hope when all is said and done in District 8, that no-one gets truly burned. But what can you do. As many have noted, politics is a blood-sport. That’s not the part about politics that drives me and frankly, it makes me and many others think twice about our engagement I think.

Anyway, I hope that Bevan and Alix both get a fair shake in this race…We’ll see.