So there’s a new website,, that is presumably anti-Chris Daly. It’s not exactly a compelling website, but it’s pretty clear on its position.

What’s not clear, however, is who is behind it. The website has no information whatsoever about who’s responsible. Checking the domain information leads us to “”, which is what you’re listed as if you register your domain privately:

If you subscribe to the Private Registration Services, each domain name registration which you control and which you designate (the “Private Registration Domains”) will be registered in the name of, as registrant. Your name, postal address, email address, phone and fax numbers shall be kept confidential, subject to Section 6 of this Agreement.

We do have some idea of who’s behind this, however. even if they are going to trouble to hide it. In the infamous “The Case against Daly” manifesto, readers were urged to “Sign up to stop Daly at” (page 3). This manifesto was funded by “Citizens for Reform Leadership, #1″ (there are numbers one through six of this committee). It’s unlikely they would funnel people to an address they don’t control, so it seems likely they’re behind the website, too.

So why are they so cagey about it? It’s not really that big a secret what forces are lined up against Chris: republicans, big business, landlords and real estate speculators. And they’re the bulk of the contributors to Citizens For Reform Leadership, #1-#6. It’s most likely these folks behind the website.

Whoever’s nephew designed the site, though, ought not plan a career in web design.

UPDATE: In comments, Martha Bridegam does an excellent job of chasing down both DumpDaly and safasoma. Good stuff.