Bill O’Reilly’s finally decided to define what he calls “San Francisco Values“. Here’s what they are:

“Massive Federal Entitlements, paid for primarily by affluent Americans…that is called…tax the rich”

OK, so far, depending on what you mean by “massive entitlements”. If you mean things like everyone should have health care and a place to live, that’s pretty much true.

“Seek to exclude spirituality from the public square, but embrace displays like the Gay Pride Parade, and Christianity is often mocked and demeaned.”

I don’t know if Bill’s ever been to San Francisco, but he’ll never hear the word “spirituality” so much in his entire life. And yes, Christianity is occasionally mocked, like every damn thing else, from socialism to society balls. And more to the point, we think the church and the state shpould be separate.

“Pelosi’s district wants to ban military recruiting while setting up city-wide pot shops. San Francisco is perhaps the most far left city the US has ever seen.”

First of all, we only want to ban military recruiting in high schools. Because kids should be free of the lies and distortions of Armed Forces recruiters while they pursue their education. Secondly, it’s insanely hard to open a “pot shop” in San Francisco, as the Green Cross folks have discovered. Not to mention that medical marijuana was approved by the whole damn state, not just San Francisco.

Finally, O’Reilly’s ignorance of history’s not really surprising, but there have been plenty of cities that have elected explicitly socialist mayors, something San Francisco’s never done. If you want to talk “far left”, let’s talk municipal power (defeated in San Francisco, but not in the “far left” hotbed of Sacramento).

In summary, “San Francisco values” are universal health care and affordable housing, separation of church and state, protection of school kids from dsubiously honest military recruiters, and mild support for medical marijuana. Sounds good to me, and, I think, most Americans.