OK, here’re my predictions. Note that these are not based on anything more than my gut feel. Please do not base your actions tomorrow on these predictions.

Daly 51%-Black 39. The bigger the margin here (and I think most people would call this a lot closer), the more we make the point to downtown that not even all their money can buy us out.

Dufty wins with 63% of the vote.

The Democrats pick up 27 seats in the house and 4 in the senate. McNerney beats Pombo.

Hydra Mendoza, Kim Knox and Jane Kim are elected to the school board (although Twomey could sneak in and knock one of them out).

All state props fail, except some of the 1xes and maybe 84.

Props F, G and H win handily, E squeaks in. J passes with 65%, I fails.

Put your predictions in the comments.