Less than a month after Democrats took the leadership of the house, Good ole President Bush started calling the so-called New Democrats, hoping to pick them off and go-around our new Speaker and deal directly with the people he wants to pick off from the Democratic Majority. What is so surprising, or maybe not, is that one of those Democrats is actually from the Bay Area, Ellen Tauscher.
Julia Rosen did an excellent post on her blog breaking down the betrayal by Ellen, not just to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but to the Democratic Party. The worst part is that Ellen is actually talking about doing this on a regular basis, meaning meeting with Bush. It is so unbelievable.
Is it just me, or shouldn’t we be looking for a primary challenger who understands loyalty? Particularly at the beginning of the Speaker’s term. I know there are some progressives who have problems with Pelosi, but Jesus, talk about being out of touch with your district. Maybe some of the folks who helped take down Pombo might be willing to go to Walnut Creek?