Well, justice was served in the Hill case. Hill got 2nd degree with the allegation that he knew Espinoza was a cop. The sentence for that allegation is life in prison without parole. Because the jury did not find 1st Degree, there is no way they could have gotten the death penalty, even if Kamala would have sought it.

In a way, this shows Kamala was right in the way she charged this case, even if you believe in the death penalty. I don’t and frankly states across the country are reevaluating death penalty. There was a good editorial in the New York Time today.

Rethinking the Death Penalty
Published: January 5, 2007
New Jersey could take the lead among states in abolishing the death penalty if it follows the recommendation that a legislative commission made this week. It is the right thing to do, and not just because capital punishment is barbaric and a poor deterrent. It has become increasingly clear as the use of DNA evidence has grown that there is simply too great a risk of making an irreversible mistake.

While we would have used stronger language, we applaud the 13-member panel for having the courage to recommend that New Jersey become the first state to abolish the death penalty since states began reinstating it 35 years ago. The commission included two prosecutors, a police chief, members of the clergy and a man whose daughter was murdered in 2000. Only one member, a former state senator who wrote the death penalty law, dissented.