I have to admit the stuff that the SF Bay Guardian, SFIST, and even the Chron, has done on the Question time comedy has been hysterical. But my favorite posting yet was on YouTube where Marc Solomon confronts Angela Alioto , the Mayor’s tsarina on homelessness, about her anti-chicken comments during the Townhall meeting in the Richmond. Doug Comstock, one of her former political consultants, chimed in and reminded her that she had rented a chicken suit during her last Mayoral campaign in 2003 because Gavin Newsom refused to come to the first Mayoral debate. Doug also complained that he had to wear the suit all night at which point Angela remembered that they did indeed rent a chicken suit. God I love San Francisco.

But then when I thought I had seen it all, I went to Gavinwatch and saw, as SFIST put it, the gift that keeps on giving.

Memo to Jon: We agree. When you are at a political meeting, always follow the people in chicken suits.

God I love San Francisco.