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So for those of you who doubted whether it would be a problem so soon, read the following blog and consider signing on to the pledge. These actions are frequently done out of love for the supported candidate and ironically are never mean to be negative campaigning. They are usually meant to highlight the positives of the candidate. But we need to be extra careful and work harder than ever to be thoughtful about what we say about the opposing candidate. If you haven’t already, sign on to the pledge for a clean campaign. I know Michael loves Carole so I have no doubt that he is doing this out of love just like everyone else will do what they do out of love. go to leftinsf to sign the pledge or email me.
Here is a learning moment…

Kiddie Porn King in Senate Race

Mark Leno who went on the nationally broadcast Hannity & Colmes show to defend his “kiddie porn” bill by saying that going after child pornographers was the new McCarthyism and saying that penalties shouldn’t be worse than for stealing a bike, has announced his candidacy for the California State Senate. Not only that, he’s trying to knock off incumbent State Senator Carole Migden. Migden is a serious legislator who was an early and effective champion for HIV/AIDS funding and LGBT issues, and has risen to be one of the most effective fundraisers for Democrats in California. She has also tackled health and envirnomental issues in recent years and was widely praised for her efficiently run Appropriations Committee meetings.

The Senate is a serious legislative body and the thought of Mark Leno standing in those chambers defending child pornographers must be making our California 49er founding families role in their graves. I know one group who will be happy: NAMBLA (in fact, they praised him in one of their newsletters, which you can find online with a simple Google search).
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