Gavin Newsom derided Proposition I (Question Time) as “political theater”. Coming from what’s almost certainly the most tightly stage-managed administrations in the city’s history, that struck many opbservers as funny. But what became clear to me today, is that Gavin was not worried that Question Time would become political theater, he was afraid it would become good political theater.

Gavin drones on

Newsom came to the Mission today to take credit for Tom Ammiano’s health plan, and a very full Cesar Chavez Elementary School cafeteria was served up a tepid duet between Newsom and Health Director Michell Katz (who, to be fair, is owed plenty of credit for the health plan as well). This was political theater, but it was more reminiscent of a seventh-grade civics class filmstrip than a broadway production. Thank the lord for the chickens and wrestlers!

I had to leave halfway through, but other than occasional chants and shouts of frustration from the half of the crowd that was there to try to get an answer–any answer–from the Mayor on issues like the recent plague of immigration raids, the Day Labor center and street violence, there wasn’t any drama at all.

Newsom claimed it’s crucial to give people the opportunity to ask questions about the health care plan. If it’s so crucial, why are only the residents of District 9 being given the chance?