Between lunch and dinner appointments yesterday, I was able to catch two art shows.

For his monthly art show in his office at City Hall, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi mounted a show of photographs of various theaters throughout San Francisco. This was in connection with the effort to save the Harding Theater which is now being used as a church.

That’s something that I always admired about Supervisor Mirkarimi. He has used the art shows to feature something about his District-from children’s art to senior art, from photos about the Black Panthers to quilts created by a community center in his district.

The photos showed the Castro, New Mission, Red Vic and Harding Theaters. The shots of the seats, the ticket photos and the equipment gave a glimpse of a time when the movie theaters ruled San Francisco.

An art exhibit of Omar Chacon’s and Matt Gonzalez’s work is at Lincart at Rose Alley and Market.

Gonzalez used materials that he had found throughout San Francisco to create collages. Most of the pieces are small and used two or three items. There were two that he took cream color cardboard and broke the cardboard into pieces and placed it on a cream color backing. The examples are “With the Throat of a Silver Vale” and “Its Starry Paleness”.

Part of the fun was identifying the original source of the material that he was using for his collage. It took several of us to figure out that he was using a parking lot ticket for one of his collages.

His best creation was identified as “Winged Angel”. Using a paint sample from Kelly Moore Paints (the colors on the sample are identified Winged Angel and Beth’s Kiss), he creates the impression of an angel with pieces of foil paper and a torn piece of white cardboard, “Winged Angel”.

In some of the collages, Gonzalez took a great deal of effort to place the pieces. An example is the piece, “Now:.

What was not evident in the photos posted at Lincart’s website is that each collage is signed or initialed by the artist in large letters. In some cases, Gonzalez also noted the date of when he created the painting. Gonzalez is selling his collages for an average of $600. (That would buy a lot of chess sets for an elementary school.) Several pieces have already been sold.

Chacon creates a series of carefully crafted oil paintings that uses lines of color to attract the artist’s eye. An example is “Detail”. My favorite was “Made in Columbia, 2007″

The show runs to June 3. Lincart is open from 12 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday at their gallery at 1632 Market (Rose Alley).