A couple of hundred of us took to the streets today to march with Pride at Work….
For those of you who joined Pride at Work, UNITE HERE Local 2, the SF Labor Council, SEIU 1877, the SF Building Trades, SEIU 87, SEIU 1021, the SF Living Wage Coalition, Local 29, Local 21, and SF Bay Guardian Publisher Bruce Brugman, School Board Member Jane Kim, and many, many others to march in today’s Pride Parade, thank you. Yes– all those folks behind Paul all the way back to the cable car were part of the queer/labor/left contingent today…You rock. We rock. I am writing a longer piece that I am still working on, and frankly I am too exhausted to finish it tonight, but I will have it soon. But it is fair to say we had the biggest contingent we have ever had. From Local 2 alone, there were 50 folks…

We had a fabulous party afterwards at Local 2. I am trying to track down a few photos. State Senator Carole Migden and Supervisor Tom Ammiano presented Sally Buchmann with resolutions honoring her service for the last eight years as co-chair. Assemblymember Mark Leno came later with a resolution for her as well.

Pictures by Jerry Jarvis

We rocked the house today

We even had our own cable car today…

I wasn’t in the car. Denise D’Anne was in the car and I am sure left a few confused when they looked in the car to see me and saw Denise instead. She had a ball though waving at everyone.