pictures by terrrie frye

Take action at the Tuesday Board of Supervisors hearing. We have all been
organizing hard and putting pressure on the Supervisors; the emails,
letters, phone calls, actions, visits, press, testimonies, etc… are making
a difference. Last week the Supervisors heard over 5 hours of impassioned
testimonies from our community. This Tuesday at 1:30pm the Supervisors will
decide if they value working families, poor people, mom & pop merchants, and
day laborers. Though there will be no public testimonies taken on Tuesday
we are asking the community to show up and represent our strength and unity
at the decision on Tuesday.

Supervisors Decision on 3400 Cesar Chavez
Tuesday July 31, 1:30pm
City Hall, room 200
located at Van Ness St, betwn Grove & McAllister
(take the #49 bus or BART to Civic Center)

In the meantime email/call Supervisor McGoldrick & Dufty and let them know
we don’t need any more exclusive condos and another Walgreens. We want 70
units of affordable family-sized housing and a community-serving workers
center on the ground floor at 3400 Cesar Chavez.
Bevan Dufty, District 8, (415) 554-6968
Jake McGoldrick, District 1, (415) 554-7410,

Sample letter to include in your message:
Dear Supervisor McGoldrick (or Dufty),

You have been a powerful ally of working families, your votes have
consistently supported our communities’ efforts to make housing affordable
for everyday San Franciscans. I am writing to ask you stay true to the
principles you stood for when you voted to support MAC’s appeal of 2660
Harrison St. and in favor of the Eastern Neighborhoods Resolution. These
votes sent a message to the Planning Department that it cannot continue to
approve market-rate housing projects until it has figured out how they are
affecting our neighborhoods’ ability to meet the housing needs of its low
and moderate income residents.

If you do not support the appeal of 3400 Cesar Chavez the floodgates of
uncontrolled market-rate development will once again be opened and our
communities will no longer be able to count on the Board of Supervisors to
protect our neighborhoods from the incompetent decisions being made by the
Planning Department.