Last night, Bob Feldman, longtime Department Head for the Board of Appeals, tendered his resignation at our weekly Commission meeting in response to the Mayor’s recent decision to ask for the resignation of all Department Heads and over 300 Commissioners. At least one Commissioner on our Board had already submitted his resignation.

During Commissioner’s comments, I discussed how proud I was to serve on the Commission with the other incredibly dedicated Commissioners. Every week, we spend hours preparing for very long meetings that start at 5PM and sometimes last until 1am. I am the newest Commissioner, appointed last year by Board President Aaron Peskin. Three of the Commissioners were appointed by the Mayor, and under the authority of Proposition D, two are appointed by the Board President. Randy Knox is the other Board of Sups appointment and was appointed by former Supervisor Matt Gonzalez.

The Board of Appeals, unlike other Commissions, is a quasi-judiciary body, and we take cases from a variety of Commissions including the Planning Commission and the Department of Building Inspection.

As the newest Commissioner, I am still learning the ropes, but it doesn’t take much to understand that you need to treat people with dignity and respect, like Bob Feldman. Bob has given his life to public service and deserves better than to be treated like cattle. The three hundred Commissioners who serve the City and County of San Francisco deserve better than to be treated like cattle. They also deserve dignity and respect.

I asked that Bob’s resignation be agendized for our next meeting, and I also asked the City Attorney to give us an opinion for our next meeting as to whether or not our Commission has the power to hire and fire our Department Head or if it is within the purview of the Mayor.

This Commissioner will not be accepting Bob’s resignation and is committed to treating him with the dignity and respect he deserves.