It looks like Prop A will pass and H will fail. Due to the (well-publicized) requirement that all the city’s ballots be hand-verified, we won’t know any actual numbers other than the early absentees for a few days, but it seems likely that San Franciscans stood up for transit yesterday.

The Prop A campaign was an impressive display of unity. Any coalition that includes labor and the Bike Coalition is something to be reckoned with.

Some other notes: It looks like Prop E will probably win. It’s going to be the closest item on the ballot, but given the absentee numbers, it seems likely to pass.

Prop J (wi-fi) will also pass. I still think it was a stupid initiative, but now we have to buckle down and actually figure out how to build a network and do the less sexy work of digital inclusion.

Chicken John has announced he’ll be running for Supervisor in District 9 next year. I think this is a case of a joke that has dragged out too long, but maybe he’ll address issues more effectively next time.

UPDATE: As of 4:20 11/7, with 46 of the precincts counted: A is up 53-46, H is losing big at 63-36. I may have been wrong about E. The last minute flood of No propaganda may have skewed the vote against it. It’s down 52-48.