On Saturday, July 26th, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is hosting its annual San Francisco gala dinner and fund raiser at the Westin St. Francis hotel. They’ll raise money, cheer and applaud their apparent successes in Washington DC, announce a sudden, renewed interest in marriage, and claim that they are advancing the nation’s LGBT agenda.

But we in San Francisco’s LGBT community are preparing our OWN July 26th party in the streets, outside of the Westin St. Francis. We also encourage others in the LGBT community and our allies to boycott HRC’s gala event, due to HRC’s ongoing refusal to advocate for federal legislation that protects all Americans from discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

We need your support! Please sign the petition in support of the HRC gala dinner boycott, joining organizations like the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, And Castro for All, The Trans March, The Lou Sullivan Society, FTM International, FTM San Buenaventura Chapter, and the SF Labor Council. Already, many of our City’s leading politicians have committed to staying home. State Senator Carole Migden, Assembly Member Mark Leno and City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Public Defender Jeff Adachi aren’t going. SF Supervisors Bevan Dufty and Tom Ammiano have introduced a resolution at the SF Board of Supervisors urging that their fellow elected officials not to attend the HRC dinner. Thus far, Board President Aaron Peskin, Supervisor Chris Daly, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, and Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval also have committed to support the HRC dinner boycott. The President of the School Board Mark Sanchez and School Board Members Jane Kim and Eric Mar have also signed on.

Also, join SF Pride at Work for a fun, inclusive, alternative party outside of the Westin St Francis, with signs, entertainment, stickers, and our own awards and accolades. Ours will be a space where EVERYONE is welcome. The Left Out Party starts outside at 5PM!

We need your help! Please sign the petition, and tell your friends to join you in showing support for true inclusion in our community.

-Go to to sign the petition. Email to confirm our next meeting!

Individual signers in the order that they were received:
Robert Haaland, Co-Chair, SF Pride at Work
Hunter Hargraves And Castro For All (board)
David Campos, Democratic County Central Committee
Michael Bornstein, Democratic County Central Committee
Maggi Rubenstein, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Rafael Mandelman, President, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
jazzie collins
Yosenio V. Lewis, Woodhull Freedom Foundation
Tim Durning, President, SF4Democracy
Treasurer, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Joan Roughgarden
Stuart Milk
AJ Rowe
Joe Julian, Democratic County Central Committee
Sarah Garmisa, Pride at Work, Treasurer
Kevin Lyons
Matt Dorsey
Rebecca Ann Pratt
Mark Sanchez, President, SF Board of Education
Elizabeth de Rham
T Santora, Co-Chair, National Pride at Work
Paul Hogarth
Former Supervisor Harry Britt
Dr. Mekah Gordon, Pioneering, Frontier Renaissance Woman & Visionary
John Newsome, And Castro For All
Esperanza Macias
Michael Goldstein, Democratic County Central Committee
Conny Ford, Vice President, SF Labor Council
Don Romesburg
Hasan Shafiqullah
Jerry the Faerie
Steve Shapiro
Guilliana Milanese
Charles Sheenhan
Rabbi Levi Alter, President of FTM International and as the chapter president of FTMI San Buenaventura Chapter
Ken Rowe, owner/community relations EROS, the Center for Safe Sex and Trannywood Pictures.
Bruce Wolfe, M.S.W., Candidate for SF College Board
Hale Thompson,Recorder, Executive Board, Harvey Milk LBBT Democratic Club
Sasha Magee, Vice President, Internal
Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Sarah Mcdonald
Eric Quezada
Hava Edelstein, UC Berkeley Student
Resident, Oscar Wilde House
David Ho
Alysabeth Alexander
Brian Polejes
Rick Galbreath
tommi avicolli mecca
Mira Ingram
Mira Ingram
paul page
Jaron Browne
Aspen Branch-Moore
S. Wendy Lee
Tab Buckner:
Peter Wong
Kip Williams
T. Aaron Hans
Tim Kingston,Former Reporter San Francisco Bay Times, Former News Editor San Francisco Frontiers
Catherine Cusic, VP Political Action, Harvey Milk LGBT Club
Tony Gantner
Jim Hammer:
joseles de la cruz
Denise McCarthy
Terrrie Frye, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Jane Morrison, Former Chair, SF Democratic Party
Dragonsani Renteria, Deaf Queer Resource Center
Michael Welch/Sanctuary
Peter Wong, Meetup & Memberships Coordinator, SF4Democracy
Melinda Rhodes
Mark McKenzie
Donna Linden
Rae Greiner
Daria Garina
Victoria Welle
Victor Valdiviezo
Justin Zarrett Blake, Pride At Work, Queer Youth Organizing Project
Ethan St.Pierre
Patrick Doyle
Lisa Roth, one of the Dyke March founders
Esteban Rodriguez, Dimensions Queer Youth Clinic
Kelli Busey
Jerry threet
Jay Davis
Dina Boyer
Eric/a Says:
Saul Kanowitz
Shannon & Kate Amitin
Miles Conrad
Ryan Wilde
Mickey Ray Mahoney
kim paulus
allen conkle
Samuel Ace
Vanessa Moses
Malachi Garza
David Chiu
Kendra Froshman
Audrey Reed
Dr Kimberly Hyatt-Wallace
Paula Funatake
Rev. Joshua A. Holiday, The TransGeneration:
Carolyn Wolff, San Francisco
Narumi Tei Okamoto
dylan mcginty
Joni Christian
Chet Dillfy, Political Columnist, Handbook Magazine
Kelli Busey
Calvin Borgmann
Dr. Mekah Gordon
Chris Jackson
Matthew Bandiera & Timothy Williamson
Dee - North Dakota
Texas Tomboy
Nikki Molloy
Amber Thompson
Kara Harkins
Glenn Davis, Member Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Joselyn Harris, Chairwoman of Transgender Advocacy and Service Center of San Diego County.
Joselyn Harris
Alan Collins
Kai Sorro
Holy Old Man Bull (Marcus Arana)
Patricia Kevena Fili
Marlene Machado
Harlan Pruden
Carling Tully.
Jamison Green
Claire Eustace
Janey Hall
Nathan Purkiss, Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
Julius Turman, Co-chair, Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
steven barrios
J Simon Cornette
Simon Aronoff
Meghan Karels
Richard Lime
sara bendoraitis
Eric Mar
Laura Spanjian
Connie O’Connor
Annick Persinger
Matt Wood
James Roue Iniguez
Jo Kenny