Dear friends,
I want to share a message that I got this afternoon from Stuart Milk, nephew of Harvey Milk. I was so incredibly moved that I asked him if I could share it publicly. He said yes. Thank you Stuart.
All my best,


I fully support the HRC SF Gala boycott. We must speak loud and clear that we will not back track from anything less then total inclusion of our entire wonderful LBTGQ community.
As my uncle taught me from any early age, “each and every individual member of our diverse community represents the medicine that the world needs”. We as Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals are so much less and are incomplete without our trans brothers and sisters

Almost 30 years after my uncle was violently removed from this world by a hateful element of fear based pragmatism we most stand together and say we will and can have everyone protected from discrimination. Harvey has said, “we must not create a shopping list of exceptions” and that includes any such exceptions no matter how loud those fear based pragmatic voices rise, our voice of inclusion will and must rise higher!