I was bicycling through Bernal today when I ran across a rally. It was a fairly sizable group, probably more than a hundred, and they were preparing to march on Supervisor Ammiano’s house! I heard the leaders of the group admonishing the crowd to be silent around the Supervisor’s house, and to be respectful of his neighbors.

I later hooked up with the group at the park at the top of the hill, and was able to find out a little more about what the issues are. Apparently, there has been a plan for park improvements that has been in the works for approximately 5 years. From what I understand, there were meetings a few years ago, attended by Park and Rec and by representatives of the Precita Valley Neighbors group. These meetings apparently generated a plan that would, among other things, add a drinking fountain for dogs, add benches, and replace the current highway-style guardrail with a more harmonious stone fence.

bernal_marchThat’s all well, and good, but what this group, Bernal Heights Park Association, objects to is the relocation of the gate that blocks the end of the road around the park approximately 150 feet East. Their take is that it will essentially remove all parking from the top of the hill, and will force the people who park there to scatter through the surrounding neighborhood. You can see their counterproposal in PDF form here.

It looks to me as if they have a point, but it also isn’t clear that it’s worth the ruckus. bernal_agenda